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Air 1 Express is your one-stop shop for all your moving needs. We are a reliable name in the moving industry as we make sure your goods are delivered on time. Whether you are moving to a new country or a different state, we offer specialized moving services.

Moving to a new place is not only tiresome but a daunting experience. There are several things that you need to get done within a timeframe. It is difficult to get everything ready on time as you have to focus on your family and work life as well. For making your life easier and getting everything done on time, you need a professional help. We will do all the hard work on your behalf, so you can focus on other things in your life. Our aim is to make your experience hassle-free and worry-free.

We have helped many customers safely move their goods to a new place. We have experience and knowledge of several years to offer exceptional services. We will deliver your belongings to your new address on the promised time without any damage.

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it is no mystery that transferring may be a stressful mission, and our professionals are right here to assist you with handling your relocation stress. you can anticipate our movers to manual you thru the manner, door to door.
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+Customized Service
We provide an extensive range of services for all our customers. We cater our services according to your preferences to make sure you have an exceptional user experience. We understand that not all the shipments are the same and this is why we tailor our services to your needs.
+Long Distance Moving
Whether you are moving internationally or locally, we provide excellent long distance moving service for all our valued customers. International moving is made easy as we have a broad network of freighters, offering a wide collection of services at economical prices. Air 1 Express has expert movers who are highly trained and skilled to get things done competently.
+Packing Services
When relocating to a different place, the most challenging and time-consuming task is packing your things. The burden of packing all the belongings on time is nerve-wracking. We offer extraordinary packing services, our experts will pack all your things diligently while you focus on your life.
+Corporate Relocation
Air 1 Express offers impeccable corporate relocation service. We will help you move to a different location on definite time. Whether you are moving abroad or locally, our professional movers will make the process stress-free and pleasant for you. We have trained our experts in rigorous environment, making them capable of handling all kinds of equipment with extra care. We have equipped our experts with the latest tools and gears to get the job done.
+Storage Service
When relocating to a new place, keeping your belongings safe is a top priority for you. We offer storage services for both short-term and long-term. We have temperature-controlled and high-security facilities that are monitored 24/7. We have installed state-of-the-art security cameras to keep your things safe. The access to your storage space is limited to our most-trusted employee and you. You can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure at our storage facility.
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People about us

I needed a moving service within a state and I already heard about Air 1 Moving from my friend so I called them. They have great customer service, they answered all my questions and gave me all necessary details and they were soon available, the next day. They arrived prompt on time, they were very professional and moved all things easily and quicker than I expected. The price was like we agreed before so no complaints from me. Excellent company, great service, highly recommended.

Spence R.

Spence R.

BBB 12/06/19

I used Air 1 moving and storage to move from a small 1 bedroom apartment to a larger 1 bedroom duplex within the city and let me say, they exceeded all expectations! The guys arrived promptly on time with zero complaints. They worked quietly and efficiently, carefully wrapping each item to ensure it was protected in the truck.
The management team, were so kind and helpful…an absolute pleasure to work with. I am so grateful to Air 1 moving and storage.

Sean Domes

Sean Domes

Google 12/18/19

I used Air 1 for a move 10 days back. I consider two factors when picking moving companies 1. Online ratings 2. BBB rating I will start with the good. 1. They were very responsive and sent me a quote almost immediately after I asked for one 2. They worked with me on dates that would work for me and were upfront about their rates 3. The movers showed up punctually on the date of the move and were generally genial and very pleasant 4. My move is a long carry i.e. there is a bit of a walk between the truck and the apartment and the movers did not complain about it 5. They picked up pieces of my furniture that I was going to discard to donate to a church (which was awesome) Some of the things that I was not thrilled about include 1. About 20 minutes at the start of the move were reserved for the movers walking from room to room and taking stock of all the items that were to be moved. I was charged for this as part of my move time. I dont know if this is standard practice but I felt like I should only be paying for the time they actually spent moving my furniture 2. I have moved 5 times in the last 5 years so I am able to objectively compare movers. There was a lack of urgency with the movers, i.e. I did not think they worked optimally amongst themselves to do the move in the shortest possible time 3. I lost a couple of items during the move including my hoodie and my Durabuilt toolkit. 4. They forgot screws for the bed frame in my old apartment and so I had to partially assemble the bed myself 5. They ended up not assembling my study table before they left 6. At the end of the move, Air 1 wanted to charge me for 30 minutes time taken to set up their truck. This seemed unfair to me and I was able to talk them out of it but it took time and negotiating. 7. No follow up from customer service about my move experience Overall I was satisfied with the service I received, I have had worse move experiences.



BBB 1/26/19